NZ Botanicals

New Zealand Botanicals has been producing premium quality herbal extracts since 1999 and continues to be one of the leading suppliers of medicinal grade dried herbs and manufacturers of premium liquid herbal extracts and Flaxseed oil in New Zealand.

The NZ Botanicals range is supplied to herbalists, health practitioners and health food stores throughout New Zealand.

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NZ Botanicals Natural Oils

NZ Botanicals Flaxseed oil is known as one of the best natural tasting Flaxseed oils on the market. The secret is the way manufacture, extract and bottle the oil. Our product is premium grade oil and like quality olive oil and wine is bottled in dark glass, to eliminate potential contamination from plastic packaging and damage from sunlight. So it is just how nature intended.

It's well known that the omega 3, 6 and 9 content of Flaxseed oil is very beneficial to your health.

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We can also press on a contract basis.

Equine Herbals

Equine Herbals products have been specifically designed for horses to support the animal's tendency towards a state of health. The body’s systems are always working towards a state of balance, when imbalance occurs performance may be hindered.

The Equine Herbals formulations work with the different systems of the body to help achieve a state of natural balance.

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FourFoot Herbals

natual products designed especially for Cats and Dogs, FourFootl Herbals have been developed by qualified Medical Herbalists who have a passion for domestic pets.

Remedies range from flea treatments to allergy remedies.

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Animal Herbals

Designed for Cattle, Goats and Sheep, Animal Herbals have been developed by qualified Medical Herbalists who understand animals.

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