New Zealand Botanicals

nzbotanicals New Zealand Botanicals was established in 1999 by James and Vanessa Hart, qualified medicinal herbalists, who remain as advisors to the business. Vanessa has published several academic papers contributing to the field of herbal medicine, and was a regular contributor on articles on herbal medicine for Avena the journal for the NZAMH. James is a regular contributor to the NZ Horse and Pony magazine on herbal medicine, and a member of the publication's panel of experts. Both have an international reputation for their contribution to herbal medicine for animals.

New Zealand Botanicals sets itself apart from other herbal product suppliers in that it is truly 100% NZ owned, manufactures its own entire range, and has resisted the urge to adulterate its extractions with the process of standardisation, which has been introduced by chemists.

Philosphically New Zealand Botanicals remains a boutique manufacturer that crafts its herbal products with soul and passion, resulting in a pure and unadulterated product with maximum potency, as nature intended.

Further to this NZ Botanicals benefits from many years of research with leading NZ Universities and Government agencies, along collaboration with international consultants to develop manufacturing processes, properietary manufacturing equipment and intellectual property that other companies can only guess at. Unlike our competitors, that may be challenged with high overheads and cost structures, reflected in their pricing, we combine an effective synergy of GMP and lean philosophy manufacturing, enabling us to offer maximum value to the market and our loyal customers. NZ Botanicals has moved to their new customised, and larger manufacturing facility in September 2015, as a result of the growing demand for its natural and unadulturated product, from the New Zealand and overseas markets.

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Our Philosophy

Manufacturing Standards

To produce the highest quality products you need not only the highest quality raw materials, but also the facilities, equipment and knowledge.

Our manufacturing facility has been built to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) in addition combined with lean manufacturing philosophy and unique intellectual property to provide maximum value to our customer and we follow identity preservation protocols.

To maximize the potency of finished extracts we minimise the loss of heat-sensitive components, through the use of maceration and cold percolation manufacturing techniques.

Because we manufacture to the highest possible standards, with a focus on continuous improvement, our customers can rely on consistent premium quality products.